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Bulgarian Military Air Force UFOs. Ret.Colonel Gancho Kamenarski.

Dozens of times Bulgarian Military Air Forces have chased UFO-s, says ret. colonel Gancho Kamenarski. According to him, some cases may be interpreted as atmospheric conditions, balloons for meteorological purposes or virtual airborne target simulation. Others, however, remain a mystery. Especially for the visitors of UFO News Agency’s site, colonel Kamenarski shares information of the cases he has witnessed himself while serving at the command post of 1-st division of the Air Defense in Bojurishte in 1990-1995.
Colonel Kamenarski was born in 1946 in Kazanlak. In 1969 he graduates from the High National School of Military Air Cervices Georgi Benkovski. Until 1984, he serves as a military pilot in Bezmer and Uzundjovo. In the period 1974-1977 he studies at Georgi Benkovski Military Academy in Sofia. In 1984, he dedicates himself to military journalism and acts as second editor in chief of the Guard of the fatherland’s sky newspaper and the Wings magazine until 1988. From 1988 through 1990 he is second commander of a communication battalion. In 1995 he is appointed adviser on the press at the Bulgarian Army’s General Headquarters, where he works until his retirement in 1999.

He is a good friend of the ufologists in Bulgaria.

17 October, 1992. A bright glowing object hangs above Sevlievo while people watch the evening TV news. The UFO is visible for three hours. According to the radio location stations of Kamenets airport (near Pleven), the object is situated at an altitude of 3.5 km.

6 January, 1993. Shortly after noon, the Air Defense radars discover an unknown UFO in the sky North-East of Sofia. Before sunset, officers from the Elin Pelin unit report of a bright disc to the North, slightly larger than a full moon.

The same day at noon, a fighter plane on duty searched for another UFO in North Bulgaria.

March, 1993. The Air Defense informs of an UFO entering at the altitude of 3 km the region of Vidin from Serbia. The weather is clear with visibility of 50 km. The fighter on duty, MiG 23, takes off from Gabrovnitsa airport (near Montana) but does not find anything. An hour later, the commander of the air squadron – a major with a considerable length of service as a pilot, takes off, too, to no avail. There is a suspicion that the plane for radio technical intelligence flying over Turkey may be transmitting misleading information.

27 June, 1993. A UFO enters Bulgarian territory again, from the direction of Serbia moving towards Sofia. Again the fighter on duty does not find anything. When the mysterious target nears Kostenets, a second fighter takes off. More radiolocation stations are added to the ones that are on duty on Sunday. All of them give the same coordinates of the invisible object.

When it approaches Pazardjik, the latest fighter MiG-29, takes off from Ravnetz to intercept it. The sky happens to be clear. The board radars of the three planes do not locate a target. 10 December, 1993. At 09.54 hrs, according the information from the ground radars, our air space has been trespassed near Dragoman. Five minutes later, Capt. Serioja Kiupov takes off from Dragoman with a MiG-23. He locates the target above Iskar dam Lake with the on-board radio locator. Meaning there is something there. But every time he approaches it at 3-5 km, the target disappears. The plane goes through the place where the target should be, the two ticks merge, but Capt. Kiupov sees nothing.

12 December, 1993. At 10.54 hrs the radars locate a target flying into the region of Simitly from the direction of Macedonia, that through Srednogorie directs itself towards Teteven. The pilot who took off after it, first lieutenant Avram Avramov, did not find anything even though the visibility was of 15 km. The next day, 13-th December, at 08.50 hrs, in the region of Blagoevgrad enters unidentified object. The commander of 49-th anti-aircraft and missile regimen reports a strange small plane with a beak similar to that of MiG-29.

23 December, 1993. At 09.24 hrs, an airborne object enters from the direction of Kriva Palanka towards Kiustendil. The pilot on duty, lieutenant Filipov, takes off towards it, the on-board locator registers it twice, but when he approached it, the object disappeared from the screen. 25-th January, 1994. At 14.23 hrs an airborne object is located in the clouds above the peak of Kom. From Bankia to Elin Pelin, first lieutenant Krasimir Krastev registers it three times with the on-board radar, but it mysteriously disappears. An airplane L-29 with pilot lieutenant-colonel Rosen Atanasov takes off, too. Under the place it was expected to be, the lieutenant-colonel sees two TIR-s, which the Control of the Automotive Transport authorities stop at the request of the Military Air Force near the Pernik junction.

2 February, 1994. At 17.44 hrs the ground radars locate a trespassing of the air border in the region of Kiustendil. Major Boris Nachev, commander of air squadron in Dobroslavci, takes off. At the time of his two attacks, the target disappears from the on-board radar screen.

On 16 February, at 09.20 hrs, an unidentified object (UFO) enters from the North. It disappears south of Vidin after 16 minutes.

On 23 February, 1994, at 18.46 hrs, the radars locate an object that begins to split up into multiple objects, some of them enter Bulgarian territory and disappear in the region of Eledjik near Ihtiman. Serbian destroyers are located near the border a little while afterwards. Obviously, they had spotted something strange, too.

12 December, 1994. At 20.20 hrs, a strange object (UFO) appears on the screens of the radio locators near Lom. It moves at the speed of 100 km/h and disappears several times. At 21.08 hrs, captain Petrov takes off with a MiG-21 from Graf Ignatievo. Above Karlovo, his air-air missiles locate a target. Capt. Petrov needs only to press the firing button to fire and destroy the intruder. Nearing the target, however, instead of becoming stronger, the signal completely fades away. Later on, Petrov’s colleagues relate that they heard him say that in the region of Troyan-Teteven, under the clouds, he saw a great object resembling two covering saucers with four lights. Upon nearing the object, the pilot lost the radio connection with the airport. He was lit up with a beam from the UFO, all around became bright as daytime. He approached it three times. After moving away from the object, the radio connection restored by itself. The target disappeared from the ground radars’ screens in the region of Hisar as late as 22.18 hrs.

The same evening, at 22.05hrs, a target crosses the Danube river in the region of Vidin and roams the area fro more than an hour. Capt. Kalin Georgiev from the Vidin radiolocation unit reports that he and two sergeants observed a red light in the sky.

16 December, 1994. For the Air Defence Unit begins another sleepless night. At 18.50 hrs, an object has been located above Kozlodui, which ranges the area. At 20.18 hrs, a sergeant-major from Gabrovnitsa Airport reports a luminous object with a meandering trajectory, which stands still and then moves away at a great speed. Half an hour after that, the operative officer on duty, first lieutenant Tsvetanov, reports of a red-orange light. At 22.15 hrs, from the radiolocation detachment in Medkovets report of a luminous pulsating object changing shades from white to green and red. The object disappears near Vidin after midnight.

21 December, 1994. At 00.10 hrs, the radars locate again an object near Vidin. Upon directing the radio orometer’s beam, its voltage suddenly drops. And it happens twice.

Especially for UFO News Agency, Ret. colonel Gancho Kamenarski

18.12.1989 Bankya UFO, Bulgaria

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