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MUFON Case #  26102
Date/Time:    2010-10-25 00:00 GMT
City:    Yuba City
State:    California
Shape:    Cigar, Cylinder
Distance:    Unknown
Location:    City
Terrain:    Fields
Visibility:    Clear
Weather:    None
Vallee Index:    FB1
Summary:    White cylinder with indentation in middle (like a cigar w/band in middle)

I stepped out on my back porch to drink my morning coffee of which I always do every day just to take in a bit of the morning sun. I always look up to the sky just to observe the sparrows in the trees and the Honkers of which there are a lot of this time of year.

As I scanned the blue sky I noticed a bright white object coming from North and heading south. I immediately thought "how strange this object looked". It was a bright white yet transparent looking object. The front and back were rounded just like a long tube. There was a slight discoloration (slightly darker than the bright white/transparent color of the rest of the object) in the middle which gave it the appearance of a band around it.

I listened for "sound" but heard none but I also know that you can't always hear a planes engine until they have passed over you somewhat. I learned this because I see a lot of commercial airliners. I knew immediately this object was different because I couldn't see any wings, tail, windows, or a jet stream. It also seemed to move with more ease like it was gliding.

I can't explain why I felt that way except maybe because there was no sound. I remembered my camera was on the table so I ran in the house and grabbed it (coincidentally it was sitting on my kitchen table because I had been loading my vacation pics into my laptop that morning!).

When I got back out on the porch, less than 10 seconds, I noticed it had moved very fast and my nerves kicked in. I felt I needed to just start snapping photo's or else I was going to lose it. I snapped only 3 frames before it was out of sight. I only caught one good enough to show what I saw and I am pleased. I listened for the "sound" again but heard nothing. It seemed to be heading south but also "up" and it disappeared rather into the high sky before I could blink.

Photo 1
Photo 2

Note:  I defer to my readers to decide what this is. -SW

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