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The continuing "dialogue" between TemplarScribe and Don Ecsedy here about the Solway Firth (Cumberland) "spaceman" confirms, for us, that the photo and incident should not be dismissed out-of-hand.

The reason not to dismiss stems from the more-than-tangential information that a missile test (Blue Streak Missile) in Australia (Woomera) in the same time-frame as the photo-taking by Mr. Templeton – Australia's time zone considerably different than that of the Solway Firth (U.K.) time zone – had a bizarre incident: two "men" in white seen in the missile range, halting the test, allegedly.

The Blue Streak missile was also worked on and tested in the Solway Firth area.


(And although some regard the Socorro/Zamora sighting as not relevant, we think it is; Lonnie Zamora saw two beings (men?), dressed in white coveralls, one month, to the day, before the Solway Firth/Woomera sightings.)


The ongoing search for details about the Templeton photo-shoot is important, and we hope it continues to a resolution of some kind.

That the Woomera event isn't being pursued, seriously, is a mistake and a missed opportunity of great significance.

Mr. Templeton, in our view, did not commit a fraud or a hoax.

The image his camera captured was not a jogger, a beekeeper, or a person in a fencing outfit, as one person has suggested to Mr. Bragalia.

The image remains a true anomaly, a real mystery.

And the Woomera "sighting" has to be considered as integral to the solution of the Solway Firth spaceman photo.

While the Solway Firth photo does nothing to explain the overall UFO mystery, it does provide a clue, perhaps, to what was going on in 1964, as far as UFO sightings go.

And, like Roswell and 1947, 1964 is an interesting time-point for UFO events. Why? The UFO Iconoclast(s)


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