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My niece and I were accustomed to watching UFOs, having had previous experiences. We try to get pictures and videos so we can share our stories.

Our location is in Northern CA, high on a mountain top at about 3400 feet up in elevation in the country. Some nights we stay at home and watch from the yard but most nights we drive out a few miles away from the house where we have had other incredible sightings.

On the night of March 13, 2010, we drove out to one of our locations, we parked and were admiring the stars facing west. We noticed one star in particular, it was lower in the sky and was peach in color.

We let it go thinking it was just a very interesting star. We sat there for about 20 minutes when all of a sudden it started moving northwest at a fairly quick pace then disappeared behind the mountain top.

We neglected getting a picture of it because we were so amazed that what we thought was a star wasn’t at all. We decided to head for home, however, our adventures were not over.

When we were almost home I paused a moment to take one more good look at the sky when I noticed a different object coming our direction. I quickly put the car in park and we both jumped out, me with my laser light and my niece with her camera.

I noticed that it was really bright and looked long. I decided to make a symbol in the sky using my laser light in hopes that it would stay within our view. I did lose sight of it but my niece did not, she managed to take these pictures.

In the first one you can see the bright, golden light as it is flying, and on the right side notice something round is flying with it.

My niece said that when she took the second picture, the object paused for about four seconds while she snapped the photo. It seemed to turn on its exterior lights upon moving in closer to us and its visible lights were now neon-colored.

It then moved behind a tree and my niece waited with camera in hand ready to take a third picture, but it never came out the other side. It was gone.

We did have the V-neon object picture enlarged for better viewing also, so I will go ahead and post it here as well.

Thanks to Billy Booth and his UFO Casebook.com



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