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A witness reported to MUFON that while test driving a vehicle on his friend's private property near Brooks, Maine, he and his buddy witnessed a triangle-shaped UFO and possibly an entity on ground, searching for something.

MUFON Case #   26736
Date/Time:  2010-11-24 19:30
Location:  Brooks, Maine
Shape:    Triangle
Duration:  00:15:00
Vallee Index:  CE3
Summary:  The object had a being on the ground searching for something

My buddy had just traded his plow truck for a green '95 Ford F150 4x4.  Later that night we decided that we would test the 4 wheel drive in it on his property, besides, no one else was home, so we were pretty bored.

We ended up going to the ridge because it's close (we didn't want to go far because we didn't have much fuel and didn't know if it would break down).

Now up here in the winter it's dark by 4:30pm, and it was roughly 6:30 when we got up there.  My bud left the truck running cause it was cold and he shut off the lights so only the parking lights were on, but we were talking and I had just finished my smoke, while my buddy was just lighting one and as I threw the cigarette out of the truck something caught my eye.

It was to the right of the truck about 100 yards and it was kinda shiny.  Just the corners were lit up on it.  It was in the shape of a triangle, maybe 40 foot off the tops of the pines.   But as I was just about to ask my friend what he thought it was, the tops of the pines lit up about 100 feet from us.  So my friend shut the truck off including the parking lights in seconds flat, because something was on the ground with a light and it was looking for something.  

It scanned the ground for 5 minutes then the lights went away but just as fast as it went away it came back and started to search around again. but this time the lights were brighter and closer. we sat and watched quietly, for another 10 minutes and to be honest I was scared *(Word removed--CMS/sg) and I'm a good sized guy.

I know that it wasn't a chopper, because they fly over head all the time.  This was dead silent.  The only thing that we heard was a low frequency hum.........that's it.

Well it seemed like the lights kept getting brighter like they were getting closer, so I told my buddy we needed to get the hell out of there.   But even after he started the truck and turn around it was still there, searching for something like it didn't care that we were there.  It could have been up there for hours after we left.

All I know is there is only one way in and there is NO possible way to get a truck in were we saw these lights. I thought at first maybe some one had a wheeler up there but it's posted property... and no sounds, not even the sound of someone walking, which there was something walking around, because we could see it's light.

This was a very intense situation.  I know people get all freaked out when they see things in the sky but how would they react if that something was out of the ship, walking around by them????

Note:  I made some spelling/grammar corrections to this report.  To see the original report, please click on the case number.  -SW

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