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My name is the Feng Bin Rui my English name is Brad Feng. I am mainland China resident please do make excuses my bad English. I have photographed the craft which in February 27 can look in the picture. Looks like is the metal, and circled in the apartment. This humming sound calls by one kind of electricity to follow similarly reasonably heats up a electric rice-cooker. We looked in recent several days in sky many unusual light, but, when it was the new year celebrates us to adopt their fireworks. Even if they did not have the migration not to sound any fireworks I the family to see. The object in the sky as if comes from the northern west direction, and dances with a very strange way. Is similar from the laser point's red dot. This is, first we looked at the object during the day, and obviously is possibly seen. Has in the object porthole, and it as if, probably moves inside somebody. Several other looked at these objects in the region, but had not reported in the place or the national newspaper.

Brad Feng

Mar 03, 2010 - - - TOP 10 UFO SIGHTINGS VIDEO AND PHOTOS - -


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