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The modern UFO era began during the Second World War when pilots reported seeing unusual orbs of light dancing in the skies over occupied Europe. Both sides assumed they were advanced craft belonging to the enemy. Little did they know that the "Foo Fighters" as they were called, were here to watch the show.

Throughout history, there have been reports of strange objects in the skies during times of major conflict. Go back as far as Alexander the Great of Macedon, and there are reports of Alexander's army describing "shields" swooping overhead.

One story goes that during Alexander's attack on the city of Tyre, a flying shield came down and fired a beam type weapon, destroying part of the city walls so Alexander could pass through. Maybe Alexander was one of the very first hybrids and they were simply helping him spread his vision of Hellenic Civilisation? Who knows, but people do report increases of UFO activity during times of war or upheaval.

Perhaps they're curious and sit as mere observers, or perhaps they take an active part in shaping our history in the direction they deem fit? Could it be that individuals are favoured by the Gods, or as we call them E.T's? The Ancient Greek gods such as Zeus would play an active part in the lives of men, of men they favoured. If our history wasn't really in our hands, then is our future?



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