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Update : Now a 4th footage the third one is a fake : www.youtube.com Watch the full version here : www.youtube.com -Two differents points of view of the same white Ufo Orb at the Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount. 01/27/11 around 1:00 am. -At first there is one of them, the white one, and at the end many red others floating on the sky. -The first footage's audio file is on the Left stereo canal, the other on the Right one. -Incomplete Translation here : www.youtube.com -First debunk here : www.youtube.com But I'm not convinced by this stabilisation proof, cause phones induct distortion. -Debunking of the debunkers : www.youtube.com -Two pictures from the first video after image error level analysis and a third of a random ufo picture. I dont know if it can help, but here it is : www.errorlevelanalysis.com www.errorlevelanalysis.com www.errorlevelanalysis.com A second footage (not spectacular) of an other ufo uploaded by eligael the 02/01 : www.youtube.com The same recent kind of phenomenon : UFO over American Fork Utah, 1-26-11 www.youtube.com The sound at 0:57 made me thinking it's fake, cause the sound is on the footage 2 but not on the first one. It's an bad cutted sound, bad edited. But to fake this you have to be very organised and Machiavellian. Timeline : -Eligael post his first footage/ -The first footage is translated/ -Eligael post the 720 p version of his footage/ WHY HOAXER WHY DID YOU DO THAT ? -shshsh331 post a comment on the eligael channel, he said that he's ... Video Rating: 4 / 5

UFO-Doctor Doctor Original, Headbangers Bible Disc 3. Not live.


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