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Forget about The tsunami, earthquake and meltdown in japan. This isn't INFOTAINMENT. This is a paranormal video about demon possession or Icke style reptilian shape-shifters, by Archangel Systems. DMCA COPYRIGHT NOTICE: We take DMCA queries very seriously. This analysis was performed by, and is the property of, Archangel Systems, with permission from the owner of the original footage. The original footage is Copyright of the girl in the video. Contact information for the girl in the video, for use in verifying permissions and ownerships, is available to those handling any DMCA queries. This is a study of an actual shape-shifting human. Viewers are encouraged to look at the video frame by frame. It was REALLY too much to document. Judge for yourself. There are so many things happening in the video, that much was not even covered. Spines sprout from the girl's back, she aquires scales, yellow cat-eyes, sharp teeth, ridges, horns, etc. (look for yourself) all subliminally. I have never analyzed a video quite like this one. We take our work VERY seriously. WE OFFER A SUBSTANTIAL REWARD TO ANYONE WHO CAN DUPLICATE THE THINGS SEEN IN THIS VIDEO. We have spent hours attempting to find mundane explanations and have found none. If there is a non-paranormal explanation, we would like to know what it is. Many photograpic experts have examined this video and have failed to explain the bizarre images. $$$$$$$$$$ *************************** While a small handful of amateur YouTube ...

Dont know if this is real , from the kgb ufo files


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