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I have a 60X zoom camera so these things are not as close as they look. This was an amazing night for me. There were lots of planes and UFOs(I thought they could be satelllites because of how they jumped around so much) coming in from the east at treetop level.Most turned right and headed out over the Gulf of Mexico. Flying low seemed very suspicious to me so I was filming it. The ones that went over my head looked like UFO's because of the pattern of lights on the bottom. Later, I did a frame by frame analysis and what I saw both SHOCKED and amazed me. I suspect that many things flying in the sky may not be as they appear. It never occured to me that the UFO might not be an Object! Is it aliens, genetic engineering, machine,life form or a combination of some of these ? cyborg life form?... I do not know... but they can appear to be many different things. Sorry I could not keep them in the frame better.... If it happens again. I WILL do better. This was filmed sometime in the 2nd week of Feb in Gulfport, MS, USA.

James Doohan ("Scotty" from the original Star Trek) hosts this documentary that contains some of the best examples of UFO footage. Keep in mind, the U in UFO means ✯unidentified✯. Really nothing new is presented in this program for those that are familiar with the UFO topic, but I think that those who are into this sort of thing will still find it worth watching. Video Rating: 4 / 5


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