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On March 13th 1997 over 10000 Arizona Residents witnessed lights hovering over Phoenix. Video Rating: 4 / 5

ET.intelligences visited earth and opened the message for humankind of earth. ET.beam ship demonstraited in all around the world, This flying objects is ET.beam ship. This flying objects is the "star"of Bethlehem. This flying objects is not so called by human the"chemtrails' and also is not a plane of earth, ET.beam ship came from the deep universe another dimension in order to reveal that the secrets about Jesus and gods of an earthling religions. At that time when Jesus was born, ET. beam ship escorted wise men of the Orient at Bethlehem the birthplace. The "star"of Bethlehem is instead a bright light with long trail that hovers over the birthplace of Jesus,which wise men of the Orient had obserbed in the Orient moved ahead of them with a high singing sound until it reached Bethlehem when was born, in stable at Bethlehem,wise men arrived in Jerusalem from the Orient and asked where is the new born king of wisdom,[The book,Talmud Jmmanuel,written, by prpphet and contatee of ET intelligences "Billy"Aduard Abert Meier, swiss,This book is real the truth teaching of Jesus,] And in the bible of christian religion written about the "star" of Bethlehem that with a bright light with a long trail of the "star' Bethlehem, ET.intelligences spoke this video that "Everyone,humankind of earth,"Don,t worry," "Never be afraid" Your life is a eternal," "Your being have infinite," "Love your neighbor as yourself" "Death is starting to new a life of rebirth,' "There is no need to store ... Video Rating: 2 / 5


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