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Google+ plus.google.com FaceBook www.facebook.com While I was out jogging I noticed two sphere like objects flying near the buildings so I pulled out my pocket camera and started to film. Sorry the footage is shaky I was a little nervous when it came closer to me. You can see this video isn't a fake UFO video as the UFO flies behind the building. . . . . . . . . Pranksters wanted! Do you like to prank people? Do you like to watch others being pranked? Go ahead and grab your camera and record your friends watching this video, or choose from a playlist of videos once you catch one of your friends on camera getting the wits scared out of them (because its funny), go ahead and post that video as a response to the video you pranked them with. I will then share with all my subscribers so everyone can have some epic lols. Subscribe to be apart of the fun www.youtube.com Follow along on Facebook for behind the scenes updates www.facebook.com might as well throw twitter in there too. www.twitter.com click to tweet clicktotweet.com CLICK THE BUTTON TO READ MORE VERY IMPORTANT INFO ON -----------------------------Screamer Videos now has a Facebook Fan page, come join and scare the crap out of people be sure to catch their reactions on video! Then post it on YouTube as a video response. I will share all video responses! www.facebook.com I was getting ready to go bike riding on the East bay bike path when I noticed what seemed to be a huge flock of birds, so I quickly grabbed my flip ...

UFO IN SWEDEN Video Rating: 2 / 5


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