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A new Alex Collier interview from April 9, 2009 Segment 3 of 12. Playlist info: www.youtube.com Video Rating: 4 / 5

JULY 8TH GEN. RAMEY ROSWELL MESSAGE. Researcher for the International UFO Museum and Research Center. He is also head of the computer department of the Eastern NM University in Roswell and spent time in the Army as a criptographer. Through computer enhancement and his experience in deciphering code, Don has been able to read much of the text on the letter in the photo. The photograph was taken on July 8, 1947 by a news photographer, Bond Johnson. The glossy print Donald used was taken directly from the original negative. The letter was typed on a teletype which has a fixed width for each letter. This realization helped Don in his task. The deciphered text is below. I have used italics where Don was uncertain about the letter and asterisks where a letter or word is missing. The translation is broken by the lines on the original letter. Some words are missing due to the position of the letter in Ramey's hand and the fold in the letter. So, here it is: RECOVERY OPERATION WITH ROSWELL DISK 274 (OR 074?) MJ -12 AT THE *WORD MISSING* AND THE VICTIMS OF THE WRECK YOU FORWARDED TO THE TEAM AT FORT WORTH,TEX. M*SS*** (MISSING OR MESSAGE?) ON THE "DISK" MUST HAVE SENT *** (THE?) ***** LABORATORY *WORD MISSING* *R*ENT (URGENT?). POWERS ARE NEEDED SITE TWO AT CARLSBAD N. MEX. *WORD MISSING* SAFE TALK NEWSPAPER MEANING OF STORY AND *WORD MISSING* NEXT SHOW *WORD MISSING* OF WEATHER BALLOONS 400-K* 509 AND LAND L*** DENVER CREWS. TEMPLE (Signature Line) Now, lets see what we can learn ... Video Rating: 4 / 5


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