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Please watch full screen! I f*cked up the rendering process and this is as good as it gets :P @ 02:30 My favorite shot... it's like a little chrome, reflective eye with a black shell.. like without it's light on... peeking at us! And it even shows a shimmer of it's light as thought to give us a wink that it knows we know. When this video was processing, it was going really slow like ultra slow mo for rendering... there is so much disturbance in the fabric of reality at this place,... it shows. i clipped down an hour of footage for you, my beautiful ADD inclined buddies :) Much love. We are crazy together :p Ok I see, all of the time, strange lights from my apartment (as you may have noticed from previous vids). SO I went on a little field trip headed in the direction of the lights and was brought to a very strange place. It's some type of a park (?) It doesn't feel or look like tucson, at all. It is truly where the Wild Things are. The lights look like they are getting eaten by the trees. That is all I know about that. Video Rating: 4 / 5

Gorden Cooper TELLING THE TRUTH about UFOs, Stephen Speilberg on the set of Close Encounters, and Dr. Roger Leir removing implants. This one blows your mind! (hopefully open) Video Rating: 5 / 5


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