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UFO over Gresham, Oregon, MAY 1st at 2 am. THE STORY: I was riding my bike home when i saw a pulsating red light floating in the sky out of the corner of my eye. Somehow I knew it was something out of the ordinary, so I rode home as fast as I could and grabbed my camcorder. I ran out the door and back to the place where i had first saw it and it was still there. The craft had two red lights (ONE PULSATING) and a blue one all equal distance from each other that's why i believe this to be a triangular craft. It kept going back and forth, left to right, behind trees so i quickly moved down the street to film it from a better vantage point. When I did this is what I filmed. (I will post the entire video in 3 or 4 parts as soon as i can get it up). I ended up filming this UFO for almost 30 minutes before it was gone. Video Rating: 3 / 5

Dan Aykroyd gives his opinion on UFO's in this interesting documentary.


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