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Right after i filmed the UFO we must have seen a hundred cops on foot and in cars. we just left i did not want the FBI or the police taking my footage. Video Rating: 4 / 5

NEW/UPDATED/FINALIZED Version of this video: www.youtube.com Which I waited until the first days of January 2012 to make (weird events persisted right up to New Year's Eve), covering events that I've found to be strange and memorable during 2011: ** I've started a list at the bottom, compiling links to the clips you all have had trouble finding thus far - mew!** ---------------------------------------- have so many i can recall from this year that had their little moments in the spot light, i'm sure i've missed some still but oh well. So, I wasnt aware of sh!t for the majority of 2010, like I am aware now. Though I may have been awake, I was a blank canvas or whatever... Somewhere along the way I became an alternative news sleuth but before that I dont recall many strange events from 2010 but here i'll give it a shot because there were definitely a few but not as many as 2011 that got noticed across language barriers. so #runonsentences 2010: Norway Spiral, the (alleged) mystery missile launch by ? hmm ? off the coast of California... The mass UFO sightings in NY October 13/14... but all this crazy cloud business seems to have really stolen the spotlight this year in 2011. Crazeenesses. and the tornadoes .... and the EQ. You know the ones... we've been through a lot. Love you guys! :) 〷◠‿◠〷 .-..-. `·.·´ ●/ /▌ / \ ------------ Tech notes: yes i used this song once more because damn, it works for this type of stuff I like it!! lol. I had also used it in the vid about ... Video Rating: 4 / 5


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